Reasons why online gaming has grown so rapidly

The gaming industry is in a major growth phase. Last year the gaming market in the UK was worth £4.33bn and if it carries on at its present rate, it will have a value of £5.2bn by 2021. It’s the largest in Europe and worldwide is the fifth largest.Half the population of the UK plays video games and games of chance at online casinos. It seems that as a nation we can’t get enough of online gaming. Why do we turn to online games nowadays?

Downloads and mobile drive growth

The rise of games that could be played on mobiles and tablets as well as laptops and PCs, has boosted the growth of the industry. The easier games are to access, the more people are likely to play them.

Funding available for games development

The size of the gaming industry means that new games developers are able to find funding with relative ease. They bring out innovative new games and these games pull in more customers – creating more growth. There’s a body called Creative England that helps games companies to grow into bigger players. You can even get a degree in gaming development from a prestige university.

Sound governance and safe play

Another reason for the growth, is that people feel safe playing online. Online casinos in the UK are regulated by the Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission inspects the casino very carefully and publishes the results. All the games have to be fair to players and the players’ money has to be held separately from the casino’s money.

Fun bonuses

Another reason that players are flocking to online casinos, are the welcome bonuses for new players. These usually match a new player’s deposit and sometimes the matching extends to the first few deposits. And there are fun promotions and bonuses for existing players too.