Different types of Slots

There are a wide variety of slots available these days and the number is constantly increasing as developers come up with more and more innovative games for players to win money. Below is a quick guide to the most popular versions and a recommendation for beginners to enter the lucrative world of slot machines.

Best Slots for Beginners

The best thing for beginners is to try various forms of slots and find out which is best for them. Some people enjoy the speed and simplicity of 3 reel slots, while others prefer strategizing and interactivity. Spend some time with the different versions to find the best one for you and have fun.

3 Reel Slots

These are the most recognisable slots, having been used with the classic fruit machines found all over the world. Three reels revolve when the spin button is pressed and the middle line (the payline) determines if there is a prize or not. If the symbols match up then the player wins. If not, then they can continue to spin.

5 Reel Slots

These are also very popular and similar in principle to the 3 reel versions. The major difference being that while 3 reel slots have one payline, 5 reel has multiple paylines – sometimes up to 100, depending on the game. These types of slots also have wilds to mix up the winning. They are more complicated than 3 reel and need some time devoted to them to develop strategies for optimal winning.

3D Slots

These are relatively new and are similar to a standard video slot but with the added interest of 3D animations and characters to add interactivity and excitement to them.


These are the newest form of slot game and add further interactivity by allowing the player to weave storylines and involve a multitude of bonus rounds.