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Welcome to, the site for everything video games. We will be bringing you relevant news and facts, to keep you informed of what is current and trending. We’ll also be taking a look back in time at some of the older and vintage games. Along with the games themselves, we’ll also have facts and articles on some of the consoles that you can play them on.


Games producers are always coming up with new titles and extensions to existing series. In 2017 the best-seller was the latest instalment of the Legend of Zelda title. First released over thirty years ago, this action-packed adventure fantasy has remained near the top of the charts for its intriguing gameplay and ever-improving graphics.Original games can have a hard time getting a look-in when the established favourites are so successful. Super Mario is one of the old guard, but they have only increased in popularity over the years.

Guide to the Game Types

The array of game types available is dizzying, and there really is something out there for everyone. From the old standards of shooting games, fighting games and racing games, to the new breed of immersive story-based task games, no matter what you may have thought, there is a game that will fascinate and immerse you. Let us help you find the one for you.

Competitions and E-sports

Since the inception of ultra-fast streaming services like Twitch, the market and audience for competitive video game playing has skyrocketed. We take a look at this exciting new arena and give tips for how to get involved.