A Winning Review Of The MMO Mobile Strike Game

Being a regular in the gaming arena, I continued hearing about tons about the new military war game the MMO Mobile Strike that is making news around the globe. Once I tried my hands at it, I had a great time enjoying my free time playing having loads of fun while keeping my mind and intellect engaged.Last updated on the 30th of June, 2016, and with a rating of seven plus, the game surely promises a lot. And the good news is for those of you that are not new to the war gaming arena, you will not be disappointed.

The initial help

I would advise anyone that wants to play the game to download it on a tab or a mobile with a large screen. You need to see every detail on the screen clearly to be able to build a foolproof base. The game basically consists of the internal building part and the external attack. For the initial part, it is good to concentrate on the building well and also to be prudent to join an alliance at the earliest possible. There is the helpful tutorial that guides the beginner after which there is the need for applying the intellect to build the military strategy. also you can search online for mobile strike hack apk for more shortcuts in the game.

Taking help of the alliance

The game surely gives one the chance to become the favorite hero of the war movies by taking control of the building of the base, the training of the troop, moving up of the levels and getting the regular upgrades. I was at the top very soon the strong alliance support of my friends that were already playing the game. I personally feel that there is a lot of flexibility that is given to the players in the initial stages when the building and the moving up of the levels is required. The shifting of the base is a useful feature for those that begin the game and wish to move to their friends’ base before moving to Level 6.

Rewards and points added

This game is surely for those that have patience along with intelligence. It is thus meant for the matured mind that is willing to exercise the gray matters when building a secure base from where an attack can be launched. Once I entered into the building of the base using the resources avail on the world map, there were also reward points added that helped me get better building resources faster. There are tricks to getting more rewards and points added with the notices of the continual upgrades. Following the instructions is especially helpful in getting the base secured fast and also formidable.


Giving an awesome feeling


The vivid military graphics add much excitement to the fun of building and also attacking at the later stages. There are some awesome war machines to procure to attack the enemy that really left me giving the amazing sense of being mighty and powerful. Commanding my own force and directing the attack with my strategies that can vanquish other strong bases is sure a gaming experience with value. I am sure anyone that loves to plan and execute and see the success ensuing will enjoy this power-packed game.



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